Want to know what it’s like to work with Lucy? Her colleagues and clients explain in their own words…

“Lucy provides digital marketing consultancy for us at Hatch Brenner Solicitors, and it has been great to have her as part of the team.

“As well as her spot-on and up to date knowledge of Google, PPC, social media and general marketing, she is organised, reliable, friendly, positive, professional and good fun.

“Thanks for your support Lucy!”

Amy Beck, Business Development & Marketing Manager, Hatch Brenner

“I have known Lucy professionally for a number of years. She has been heavily involved in the area of financial services, where she has written articles, press releases and extensive copy for various brochures and publications.

“In addition, Lucy has been instrumental in organising a number of high profile events for the business. Whilst producing high standards of written work Lucy is able to bring a considerable amount of originality to her work and is constantly coming up with fresh ideas.

“When interviewing for features she is able to create an atmosphere where others feel at ease about the process and subject matter which assists her in providing appropriate professional guidance.

John Whitehead, Managing Director, Alan Boswell & Company

“Throughout the two years that I worked with Lucy, I found her to be diligent, hard-working and considerate.

“Lucy’s attention to detail and quality of work was never in question and her editorial output was of the highest standard moving the group’s documentation and communications forward substantially.

“Lucy understood the importance of tone of voice, readability and brand integrity and ensured that group-wide, we were delivering these in a consistent way.

“While we initially employed Lucy based on her strengths in editorial, social, content marketing and PR she quickly demonstrated exceptional skills in most aspects of the role and took a pivotal role in the creation and execution of the group’s marketing plan, delivery of key events, building engagement with key senior personnel and deputising as the marketing manager in my absence.

“It was recognised that Lucy was destined for greater things and we were genuinely sorry to see her leave. If you’re wondering whether Lucy is the right person for your company’s marketing support then feel free to contact me. I strongly recommend Lucy and Method Marketing.”

Lee Boswell, Marketing Manager, Alan Boswell Group

“Lucy has excellent verbal and written communication skills, a wealthy knowledge of all aspects of the marketing mix across online and traditional platforms.

“She has a real passion for content that is informative, engaging and world-class. A real pleasure to work with. With her positive attitude I’m sure she’ll go far.”

Sharry Stowell, Senior Application Developer

“Lucy is a pleasure to work with, her helpfulness and conscientious attitude to both her clients and her colleagues, as well as her ability to keep calm under pressure, make her someone that you want to work with. You know that you can trust Lucy to see projects through to completion whilst maintaining a high quality of work.

“I would happily work with Lucy again any time.” 

Catherine Goad, Account Manager, Archant Dialogue

“Working with Lucy was an absolute pleasure.

“Not only is she a great copywriter with a strong creative flair and a versatile style, but I have also found her to be an attentive colleague, conscientious and dedicated.

“She always struck me has having both a good eye for detail yet an extensive view on appropriate solutions to meet clients requirements.”

Sabelline Hill-Chicot, Digital Customer Experience Manager, Aviva

“Lucy is a natural communicator with an eye for detail in both the articles that she writes and the editing of copy.

“Lucy’s ability to write copy in a number of styles for a wide range of audiences and publications, including magazine articles, news releases and social media updates, is one of her great assets.”

Basil Hayes, Film & New Media Officer, World Horse Welfare

“I worked alongside Lucy for over two years and found her to be hard-working, efficient and imaginative beyond her years.

“Her copywriting skills were second-to-none and her proofreading highly accurate, but more importantly her editorship of the quarterly news magazine was proactive and energetic.

“She was brilliant at getting stories out of colleagues all around the UK and turning them into engaging editorial, packed with calls to action.”

Edie Mullen, Brand Manager, LSA International