5 Best Brands on Twitter

April 20, 2020

Although Twitter has a reputation for being home to trolls and bots, there are lots of fab accounts being run by genuinely nice, creative people. In this post, we wanted to draw your attention to some of our favourites.

Innocent Drinks


Lots has been written about Innocent over the years, but we’re not sure their Twitter account has been given the credit it deserves.

Their tweets are irreverent and fun and they constantly have one eye on the trending topics.

Take this post, published during the UK lockdown:

It was a daft update that had nothing to do with product, but gained 238 Likes and 30 Retweets within 2 hours of being published.

They also share links to their chosen charity, Age UK and explain how their followers can support their efforts. In fact, there’s surprising little to do with smoothies at all.

TED Talks


It sort of goes without saying that TED would be on the list.

While they don’t necessarily engage with their followers all that much, they share valuable links back to inspiring, informative talks sometimes up to 10 times per day.

Very often the content is topical and related to world events. For instance, this tweet about using video calls effectively during the lockdown.



Now you should get an idea of the sort of updates being shared by Wendy’s from their bio:

We like our tweets the same way we like to make our hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.

They have a reputation for bantering with other brands and individuals, while getting stuck in with humorous takes on the current trending topics.

We particularly liked their recent tweet, announcing the arrival of a new breakfast menu.

Most businesses might shy away from taking on a fast-food giant, but the gamble paid off. Nearly 6,000 people liked the tweet, which was shared 4,000 times.

Forrester Research


The Forrester Twitter profile is one of the best B2B-focused Twitter accounts we know.

It shares lots of useful links to research and business news from around the world, including articles from other outlets.

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If you’re looking to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of business, you could do a lot worse thank following Forrester.

Fast Company


We discovered Fast Company nearly a decade ago and fell in love with its well-written, highly researched articles about all manner of subjects.

From business to the environment, barely a day goes by without us clicking on a link in their feed.

The account is incredibly active and updated every few hours throughout the day, so even if you miss one article, you’re likely to pick up on another.

Bonus Account

Of course, we couldn’t let you go without a little plug of our own Twitter profile. Follow us for the marketing news, articles and advice.

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