Best Insurance Marketing Campaigns

Written by Lucy Mowatt

In the ever-evolving insurance industry, staying ahead of the curve and crafting captivating marketing campaigns is no easy feat. To help, we’ve curated a collection of the best insurance marketing campaigns, which will reignite your passion and inspire your next big idea.

These campaigns are not just industry benchmarks; they’re a testament to the power of marketing and it’s ability to transform perceptions, elevate brands, and connect with consumers on a meaningful level. So, let these creative campaigns be your muse, your catalyst for innovation, and your reminder that insurance marketing is an opportunity to make a real impact.

Churchill: Little Chapters of Chill


Most Brits over a certain age will remember a time when it was impossible to escape the phrase ‘oh yes’, in a grumbly, Churchilleseque tone, as Brits across the land mimicked the nodding dog from Churchill’s campaign.

That’s because, since the early 2000s, Churchill the nodding dog has graced our screens for the eponymous insurance brand, agreeing with all the benefits of working with the company.

Over the years, the campaigns have developed and evolved. And, in 2021, they launched Little Chapters of Chill.

This campaign featured a series of audio stories for children, designed to entertain them on long car journeys. The stories are about different ways to relax and de-stress, which is a relevant topic for parents who are often looking for ways to keep their children calm and occupied during car rides. The campaign was a success, with more than one million downloads across various platforms.

AXA: Get Back to the Good Stuff


This campaign promoted AXA’s insurance offerings as a way to help people get back to the things they love doing after experiencing a curveball. The campaign features a series of heart-warming stories that show people enjoying their lives again after being helped by AXA.

Aviva: You Are The Big Picture


Aviva’s ‘You Are the Big Picture’ campaign was designed to shift the focus from insurance products to customers’ real-life stories and experiences. It featured a series of short films showcasing personal stories, emphasising the idea that Aviva understands and supports its customers’ life journeys.

Launched in 2010, the campaign saw people submitting images of themselves and a message for projection onto The National Theatre in London.

Aviva pledged to donate £2 to Save the Children for every photo and message uploaded.

In the first year, almost 60,000 images were submitted and the campaign was rerun in 2011 with a focus on raising funds for street children in India. For every photo that was submitted to the campaign, Aviva once again donated £2 to Save the Children. This second campaign was just as successful, with more than one million photos submitted and over £2 million raised for the charity.

Lemonade: Insurance That Works Faster


Here at Method Marketing, we’re big fans of the disruptor brand Lemonade. With their purpose-led proposition and clear messaging, they demonstrate that insurance marketing can be bold and punchy.

Their 2023 ad campaign is a great expression of that, channelling the frustration of being left on hold in an emergency. It uses one of the most common frustrations of modern life to showcase its rapid claims process and always-on functionality.

Plus, we love to see a cat wearing Wellington boots.

Oscar Health


Oscar Health is another great disruptor, this time in the health insurance industry. We’ve always admired the brand’s use of content marketing to grow awareness and engagement.

Oscar Health regularly updates its health and wellness blog, providing practical insights and guidance on a wide range of subjects for its members, from diabetes to mental health. Plus, it also has a section for businesses, to help organisations look after their people.

And, not only is the content shared on social media but it’s also distributed via email marketing to prospects and clients. In doing so, the brand gets extra mileage from their content, while strengthening relationships and helping to reduce the likelihood of claims by providing advice and tips.

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