Introducing Chloe Brown

November 18, 2021

Method Marketing’s new Marketing Assistant Chloe Brown gives us an insight into her career to date and her new role, before telling us what she’s most looking forward to in the coming months.

Tell us more about you…             

I’m Chloe and I am a 22-year-old graduate from UEA. I studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire.

I graduated in 2020 – during the first year of the pandemic. It was a strange time and I felt a bit lost. A few months before, I was sure of what I wanted to do and was heading straight towards it. However, I found with everything changing around me, my direction in life was changing too.

During the summer of 2020, I searched for a job, looking for something to do that would relate to my degree and help kickstart my career. Luckily, I came across an agency in Cambridge. I reached out to them and asked for some advice.

I then attended an online marketing bootcamp, which inspired me. It was all about getting involved and helping businesses achieve their goals.

I started leaning towards a career in marketing and decided the best way to extend my skills was to educate myself further. I applied for a Marketing & Management Master’s at the University of East Anglia and began my journey there. 

Do you have any previous marketing experience?

While I was studying for my Masters I held a couple of different part-time jobs.

Towards the end of that time, I was approached by a local business on LinkedIn. They were keen for someone to help with content writing, website updates and LinkedIn management. I jumped at the opportunity and started a marketing internship.

Once I finished my Master’s, I started looking for a full-time role that would allow me to learn and expand my skills. That’s when I came across Method Marketing on LinkedIn. Although they were recruiting for someone more experienced than I currently am, I reached out, hoping they would take a chance on me. Luckily for me, they did!

What is your role at Method Marketing?

I’m a Marketing Assistant. At the moment I’m still learning about agency life. I am getting to know about the clients, writing content for them, while keeping up to date with social media.

I am here to learn and support the company with anything I can. There is always a task for me to do when I come into the office in the morning.

Are there any aspects of marketing you’re keen to learn more about?

I want to know more about writing for clients. I know Method Marketing writes for several different audiences and I’m interested in expanding my skills in this area. I am also looking forward to interacting with clients because I’ve never been involved with that before.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to cook. My dad taught me when I was younger and I have always found it relaxing.

I enjoy finding new recipes and pushing myself. I love the satisfaction of making something complex and then really enjoying it. The clean-up however… I’m less keen on!

My favourite recipe at the moment is butter chicken curry accompanied by homemade naan bread.

Although I’m a very sociable person and enjoy catching up with friends whenever I can, there’s nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea on the sofa and putting my favourite series on. I’m binge-watching Charmed at the moment. I always see new series appear on Netflix or Amazon Prime but I can’t resist the temptation of rewatching something I’ve seen a million times before!

Speak to Chloe today!

If your organisation needs a hand with its marketing, contact Chloe by email.

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