Content Marketing

Content marketing is vital to achieving your business’s vision of success, whatever your objectives.

From crafting a solid content marketing strategy, to developing a detailed content planner, producing deliverables and reporting on performance, we will provide a suite of services to help your organisation achieve its objectives.

We can even help you to develop your brand tone of voice and tagline, so you can be consistent across all of your marketing channels.

The Content Marketing Method

1. The Content Audit

By examining your objectives, your audience and your competitors, we can build a complex picture of the content landscape.

2. The Content Strategy

By defining your objectives and your audience, we can craft a strategy document. This pinpoints how to reach key segments and convert them into brand advocates and customers.

3. The Content Planner

A tactical plan is essential. By mapping out a detailed content calendar and comprehensive briefing documents in line with your strategy, you’ll know what the ideal content should look like and when it should be used.

4. Content Delivery

We can deliver the required content for you, edit content created by your team or recommend a range of trusted suppliers.

5. The Content Performance Report

The proof is in the results. We will monitor how your content performs, using tried and tested measurement techniques to ensure your business meets its goals.

Within 6 months of implementing a content marketing strategy designed to increase website traffic, one of Method Marketing’s clients achieved position 1 on Google for a competitive search term.

“Lucy has a lively, active mind brimming with creative ideas for multi-platform content. This is tempered by a careful eye for detail, accuracy and canny project management and built upon a huge depth of knowledge and experience of content provision and print and digital marketing”

Nick Paul, Partner, Orwell Content

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