Introducing Senior Content Marketing Executive Claire Price

March 11, 2022

We grabbed Method Marketing’s newest recruit to find out more about her content marketing journey, her experience and what she gets up to when she isn’t in the office.

How did you end up working in content marketing?

Like many people who carve out a role for themselves in marketing, I came to it in a very roundabout fashion.

I had no real idea of what I wanted to do when I left school, but I knew I loved writing and researching – it’s my happy place! I therefore came to Norwich to study History at the University of East Anglia (UEA). This allowed me to keep doing the things I loved. Most people hated the essays – not me!

While I was there I did a few work experience placements in communications, marketing and editorial roles. Just before I graduated, I was lucky enough to get a job as an editorial assistant for a health editorial agency here in Norwich. I began by writing health programmes for women in developing countries. I ended up creating, editing and managing content for a  pregnancy and child health website.

Afterwards, I went on to a sub editor role for a financial company before becoming a content editor in a content marketing agency. This gave me the opportunity to interview people all over the world, write optimised content for the web, craft articles for numerous magazines and research a whole range of topics.

Before joining Method Marketing I was working in-house for another company in Norwich as their content marketing executive. This was a fast-paced position which saw me writing blog posts and email campaigns, creating brochures and direct mail, managing social media accounts and running webinars. Oh, and I wrote several e-learning courses too!

What does your role in Method Marketing involve?

As a content marketing executive, I research and write SEO content for our clients’ websites, manage multiple social media accounts, carry out behind-the-scenes work on websites and help Lucy to maintain the Method Marketing communication channels. It is a very varied role and brings something new every day.

An important part of the job is also building and maintaining relationships with clients. I’m involved in a lot of introductions at the moment!

What do you enjoy about working in content marketing?

I’m so lucky to have a job that pays me to write. I also get to research a diverse range of subjects and speak to people who are subject masters. This means there is always something new to learn from them.

It’s also wonderful to see how a piece of content you have crafted performs and how this benefits the clients we work so closely with.

Another fantastic part of marketing is that it requires a huge amount of creativity and imagination. One day you may be coming up with new company straplines, while on the next you could be dreaming up a list of article ideas to target certain keywords. This means you always have to be on the lookout for new ideas to bring into work. Finding an original concept or angle can really help a marketing campaign to stand out.

What do you do outside of work?

I’m a complete bookworm (a house full of bookshelves is testament to that!). I like to switch between fiction and history books and read as much as I possibly can.

My most prized possession, however, is my cello. I decided to take it up almost three years ago and it is now my main hobby. I have lessons every week, play in a cello ensemble and have a guest cello spot with a local orchestra.

When I’m not tormenting my neighbours’ ears I love to walk, go running with a friend and eat a lot of cake! I try to indulge in a little bit of drawing every now and then too. I’m also a big fan of the adult colouring revolution, so my shelves are also very well stocked with hundreds of colouring books.

Speak to Claire today!

If your organisation wants to kick-start its marketing, you can get in touch with Claire by emailing her at claire.price@methodmarketing.org.

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