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"Lucy provides digital marketing consultancy for Hatch Brenner Solicitors, and it has been great to have her as part of the team. As well as her spot-on and up-to-date knowledge of Google, PPC, social media and general marketing, she is organised, reliable, friendly, positive, professional and good fun."


Episode 2: Marketing Strategy During Turbulent Times

November 23, 2020

In Season 2 Episode 2 of the Content Conversations podcast, Lucy speaks to marketing mentor Annelise Worn about the importance of marketing strategy during turbulent times. From meeting your clients’…

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Content Conversations Season 2: A Trailer

November 9, 2020

Season 2 of the Content Conversations podcast is on its way! Here’s the trailer for the upcoming season, so you know what’s in store… Listen to the podcast here ↓↓↓…

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5 Best Apps for Content Marketers

November 2, 2020

Imagine a world in which we could harness the power of ‘there’s an app for that’ to make our lives easier. A world in which we can work *with* our…

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5 Creative Christmas Marketing Campaigns

October 19, 2020

Christmas marketing campaigns… Love them or hate them, they’re a fact of life for most marketing professionals. Whichever camp you fall into, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites from…

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Method Marketing Launches The State of Content Survey 2020

August 24, 2020

Following the results of The State of Content Survey 2019, which provided a fascinating insight into public attitudes towards content, Method Marketing has launched an updated question set for 2020.…

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