Content Marketing Case Study: Lignacite

Written by Claire Price

With a new website on the way and an ambitious outreach marketing plan laid out, Lignacite reached out to us for content creation support.

Quickly getting to grips with technical details and writing about them accurately and confidently is something we excel at. When sustainable block manufacturer Lignacite approached us for content marketing and copywriting support, we knew we could help.

The challenge

Lignacite is a sustainable block manufacturer with sites in Brandon and Nazeing. In 2022, its strategy was heavily focused on building on the company’s already strong profile within the construction sector, along with modernising multiple aspects of their marketing and brand.

This meant finding new and engaging ways to tell the company’s story to their diverse customer base, which includes builders merchants, architects, specifiers and housebuilders, with informative, accurate and interesting content.

To do this, a wide variety of content would need to be generated. This would come in the form of new articles and case studies, which would then need to be promoted in solus emails and tailored to suit different construction publications. Support was also needed to promote the company’s new podcast series, Building Matters.

Plans for a new website were also underway, which would require fresh new content to populate both old and new pages.

Together, this created a demanding content schedule with lots of deadlines. To fulfil it, we would need to quickly read and grasp complex technical details, and adopt Lignacite’s distinct tone of voice. This meant crafting content that showed knowledge, without getting lost in the detail.

Building rapport quickly with Lignacite’s clients was also a must for the successful production of valuable case studies.

The Solution

Due to the scale of the work, we provided careful project management to ensure that all deadlines were met on time. Regular calls were also scheduled to keep track of the status of all the projects. This was particularly useful as website development ramped up and we began to deliver a large volume of content.

Our team also took time to get to know the Lignacite brand and their products. This included reviewing product data sheets and speaking with experts within the business.

We built on this rapport with Lignacite’s technical experts for our production of a series of new case studies too. This helped us to speak with knowledge about the products used, which went on to inform our interviews with Lignacite’s clients. We then developed this information into engaging pieces of content that showcased the wide application potential of Lignacite blocks. These pieces were written for both the Lignacite website and for inclusion in external publications. We also produced solus emails to promote the new content.

For the website, content needs were high. 

Content we produced included:

  • A brand new Homepage
  • An About Us page
  • Company History page and timeline
  • Data sheets for all products
  • Project descriptions for iconic and spotlight developments in nine sectors
  • Content for new pages and interactive tools
  • Edits of health & safety and site practice information

The Results

All content was submitted according to schedule and we successfully created a huge amount of content for the new website, which launched in February 2023. To help promote the launch, we produced a series of marketing emails that were tailored to key client sectors. A press release was also written, which was picked up by publications such as Specification Online and Construction UK Magazine.

During the website’s creation, we also leant our assistance in developing the brand’s mission statement and company values, creating new copy that better reflects the ethos of the business. 

In addition to this work, we provided ongoing ad-hoc social media support, including the creation of social posts to promote the launch of the website and the Building Matters podcast. For the latter, we also produced a short article for external publication and a series of paid adverts for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to boost awareness.

Over the year, we wrote a number of high-quality case studies, which have been featured in a number of external publications. These include Specification Online, Architect Projects and Construction UK Magazine.

Further press releases were produced to celebrate other key company news stories, such as the achievement of ISO 50001. This story went on to feature in several publications, including Architect Projects.

Positive feedback

“I have nothing but positive praise for Method Marketing! Ever since we started working together, they have felt like an extension of our team, delivering superb content each and every time.

“Never missing a beat, they work quickly and accurately to deadline, which has enabled for the smooth and effective execution of our marketing plan. Through careful listening and a desire to truly understand our business, they have been able to skilfully capture the tone and voice of our brand to produce copy that generates maximum impact among our target audiences.

“Thanks to their support, skill and expertise, we have been able to bring our marketing vision to life. Their input is highly valued, and we view them as an essential part of our wider marketing department.

“If you’re looking for a brilliant and dependable content agency that’s capable of making a real difference to the marketing function and outputs of your business, look no further than Method Marketing!”

Tom Tawell, Marketing Manager at Lignacite Ltd

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