Method Marketing Launches Survey Into The State Of Content

Written by Method Marketing

This September, Method Marketing has launched a survey into the State of Content.

The survey aims to learn more about attitudes towards the quality of written content across a range of platforms.

By investigating areas such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, the survey explores the impact of errors on consumer trust and spending habits.

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Says Method Marketing founder Lucy Mowatt: “Having seen a decline in the quality of content over the past few years, I’m keen to learn if anyone else has spotted this trend. Does it affect the perception of a brand? Do businesses seem less trustworthy? Which industries are most affected?

“Some businesses may not believe that the quality of content is important. After all, if it’s not a core part of what they do, it may not seem like a priority. The results of this survey will demonstrate that this may be hurting their business and reducing profitability.”

3rd September 2019

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