June Inspiration: Top Marketing Tools

Written by Lucy Mowatt

This month, we asked our audience to share their top marketing tools with us.

What can’t they live without?

Which are their secret weapons?

Which are underrated?

Kelly Cookson, From Spam to Wham!

I’d say ConvertKit. I use it for setting up all my email automations to nurture my list. It’s just not possible to do that stuff manually!

Once you get people subscribed, it’s crucial that you create a welcome series of emails to help them get to know you. ConvertKit has been great for doing that and sending out my weekly email broadcast.

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Tomas Hinz

One that I have found super useful over the past year is a Google Chrome extension called Keywords Everywhere. It has loads of features but I use it specifically for longtail keyword research. On a SERP, the tool lists lots of other related keywords that you can grab and use as you wish!

Kate Smoothy, WebHive Digital

Pinterest! It isn’t social media, it’s a search engine. The average pin has a lifespan that is 1600 times longer than a Facebook or Instagram post. You can share your content on there and still receive traffic/sales months down the line! If you’re not on Pinterest – get on it now!

Rebecca Broad

Buffer, for sure. It’s simple to use, well-designed, and in my experience is the most reliable of all the scheduling tools. All of my social media clients use it.

Lucy Mowatt, Method Marketing

My favourite tool is IFTTT. I’ve been using it for years to automate various repetitive tasks. For instance, I use it to natively share social media posts across multiple platforms. It saves a lot of time!

What are your favourite marketing tools? What have we missed from the list?

15th June 2020

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