Method Marketing Celebrates Birthday by Planting 1000 Trees

July 20, 2021
MM plants 1000 trees

To celebrate our third birthday, we’re delighted to announce that Method Marketing has donated 1000 trees to a mangrove planting project in Madagascar.

Now, we know that birthdays are typically about receiving gifts and eating lots of cake, but we’re not always the most conventional bunch. That’s why we decided to do something a bit different this year (although we will definitely be eating lots of cake).

So, instead of receiving gifts, we decided to give one to a cause close to our hearts.

Thanks to Ecologi, we have been able to donate 1,000 trees to a replanting project in Madagascar and offset 20t of carbon dioxide from the business. We’re just hoping that Mother Nature doesn’t ask for the receipt…

Joking aside, climate change and global warming is of growing concern and its effects are increasingly being felt by the most vulnerable communities around the world. Having seen the impact of deforestation in Costa Rica first hand, our founder is determined to support projects that reverse those trends wherever possible.

And so the birthday gift idea was born.

About the Project

Ecologi’s project in Madagascar, to which we have donated, is focused on rebuilding natural mangroves. These wildlife-laden habitats are not only efficient at absorbing CO2, but they also act as natural flood defences and help to prevent coastal erosion.

What’s more, the Ecologi project also provides employment to local people in Madagascar so they can earn a living wage.

Read more about the project here.

By offsetting 20t of CO2 at the same time, we’re helping to fund projects to produce renewable energy from rice waste in India and provide more efficient cooking stoves in Zambia and Ghana.

All in all, we think that’s a pretty good gift!

If you’d like to find out more about Ecologi’s work โ€“ or to start building your own forest โ€“ take a look here ยป https://ecologi.com/methodmarketing?r=60e4838e764c9a27cf7ffc5b

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