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March 15, 2021
Lucy Mowatt - Director, Method Marketing

Content marketing is about sharing valuable, useful and engaging information that helps businesses. Great content tells a story. In this article, Lucy Mowatt, founder and owner of Method Marketing, tells us more about the agency’s story.

Why did you start Method Marketing?

I founded the company in 2018 with the goal of helping businesses use content marketing effectively, demonstrating how it can transform their organisations, drive results and bring in a return on investment. 

With a background in editorial and journalism, I have lots of experience working with words. But content marketing is about more than stringing a sentence together.

It involves a strategic approach that embraces different forms of content to raise the profile of a brand and deliver value to audiences and stakeholders. It can take many formats, but it’s ultimately about providing engaging content with the end purpose of meeting company objectives.

What is your approach to content marketing?

Content marketing is not a magic art. There are no trade secrets – although we have learned a lot over the years. We are always open and transparent about processes and outcomes with clients.

It starts with developing a content marketing strategy, which is aligned with client goals; setting objectives and providing focus. We explain the roadmap, we regularly check in with how it’s going, making sure we’re on track and are honest about results.

Some people say you need a niche. Our niche is content. But that content takes all forms. From web copy to print media, long-form articles to PR. We know how to tell a story that will resonate with a target audience. All of these elements mean we can plan and execute an effective content marketing campaign.

What are the challenges of content marketing?

Having worked both client-side and agency-side, we understand the marketing challenges that come with being a marketing manager in a professional services company.

These challenges often arise because it can be difficult for business leaders to understand the benefits of content marketing – it’s an investment and they want to see its impact on their bottom line.

Content marketing is not sales, but it can influence them, by raising awareness, attracting leads and driving conversion rates. We do what we can to track and measure as much as possible.

What do you offer marketers looking to up their content-marketing game?

Unlike some consultants and agencies, Method Marketing is not afraid to challenge.

Businesses bring in consultants because they want a different perspective. Someone to help them innovate and evolve. It’s about getting under the skin of that organisation, bringing in a different way of thinking that enables them to look at their marketing anew and take an alternative view. 

How can content marketing help businesses?

Method Marketing has been established for nearly three years and we are proud of what we have achieved.

We have helped businesses bounce back after rebrands that have left them floundering. We’ve driven businesses up the search results through interesting and valuable, optimised content. It has boosted engagement rates and converted potential customers into paying ones.

Over the years we have worked with a range of clients committed to driving forward sustainable results. 

It’s great when we get to help businesses learn, grow and develop, so that they are having a positive impact on their customers, stakeholders, employees and society. And we do it by enabling them to create and deliver high-quality and valuable content in an effective way to achieve their goals.

Want to know what Method Marketing can do for your business?

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